Between The Lines

Over the last few months I've been working on the sound design for a new podcast which has finally launched. It's called Between The Lines and it's a Football Podcast presented by Melissa Reddy. Between The Lines is a podcast that talks to the biggest names to discuss the subjects most interesting to fans including…

Current Work

Been a while since I posted on here. Here are a list of excuses for why that's the case. Kids - I've got 2 under 3. Work - I do lots of it. Covid-19 and the state of the world - It's well shit isn't it? Anyways here's what I'm currently working on in various…

At The Match

I've been mates with Luke Moore from The Football Ramble for years. I'm delighted that we're finally getting to work together as I'll be producing At The Match for Luke's Radio Stakhanov company. Season 2 starts soon so watch this space.

The Shed-Cast

Never one to be bothered about being late to the party, I've finally started my own youtube channel . Never mind that most revellers have gone home and the ones who are left are absolutely hammered, I'm here and I want to get my party on.